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Better World Filmfestival
15. Oktober 2023

The Festival

Can films change the world? The forth Better World Film Festival (BWFF) at October 15th 2023, will invite filmmakers from all over the world, who seek solutions in an eroding world. All genres are admitted. There will be no time limit and no limitation of the production year. The selection will be made with an internet jury and in a strictly democratic manner.

Submit your films:

BWFF is an international film festival and happy to present your work as no other festival does. We are curious and empathized to present your films and solutions for a better world. No limitations, no obligations and if you make it you will receive the high valuable Sunrise Award. Get your work to the best jury you can imagine: cinema lovers in the world wide web. If they choose your film, it will be screened as a winner at October 15th 2023 in Munich, Germany. We will be very pleased to see you there.

Submit for jury:

BWFF is the first international film festival that is democratic, transparent and makes your personal voice heard. See films that are from far away or from around your corner and maybe never get the chance to find their audience even if they are more then worth it. If you are curious, if you like the unexpected and if you are tired of popcorn movies submit now to our jury. No obligations, no limitations, no schedule. Just see what you like and when you like and if you like. This is maybe the best opportunity to have a new and independent look on movies and the fabulous ideas of filmmakers to change the world to a better place. You choose the winners! And as a jury member you are automatically part of our Lucky Win Tombola with great prizes. And of course we will be happy to see you in Munich.

The jury president is the internationally renowned filmmaker and producer Detlev F. Neufert, who founded the festival in 2018.

Volker Schlöndorff

„Everyone talks about the Internet, Zoom forums and unlimited availability of films – including documentaries. All well and good, but what films are there? Where do you find them in the infinite mass? Lost in cyberspace! That’s why we need festivals like this one, to bring the treasures slumbering in obscurity to light and awareness through talks and screenings. The more unknown they are, the more important they could be!“

Foto: © Martin Kraft,

Jutta Speidel

„Look instead of looking away. Especially when it comes to uncomfortable topics. And especially in challenging times like these. This very special film festival shows ways for a better world. And that gives hope and courage and motivates to get involved in many ways; on a large and small scale. Personally, I have been working for homeless mothers and their children in Munich for over 25 years with my non-profit organization HORIZONT. In this way, we give affected families real perspectives again, so that their world also becomes a little better.“

Foto: © Dirk Schiff