Submit your Films

Filmmakers show solutions

Make the Better World Filmfestival your heart’s desire: Submit the films of yours that advocate solutions. Solutions that could change the world. They may have lain in your archives for years. They can fall out of all time grids. They can be funny, old-fashioned, clever, eccentric and deeply serious. They can be documentary, economic, scientific, artistic and of course a love story. Just let them get your audience. It’s part of the job. As we said: Solutions!


In short: We want to show that filmmakers all over the world develop their own ideas about the future of our planet and put them into film.

Please submit at Choose the country here under which the film should be registered. This is usually the production country, the film location or the director’s country of origin. You can do your choice. decide there. Under this country it will appear to the jury.