Together for a Better World

Our power sponsors support the Better World Film Festival:

Volker Schlöndorff

“Everyone talks about the Internet, Zoom forums and unlimited availability of films – including documentaries. All well and good, but what films are there? Where do you find them in the infinite mass? Lost in cyberspace! That’s why we need festivals like this one, to bring the treasures slumbering in obscurity to light and awareness through talks and screenings. The more unknown they are, the more important they could be!”
Foto: © Martin Kraft, wikimedia.org


“In this time we must keep our distance, or in other words: Create space. And where the paths of commercial film are overrun and beaten, artists and organizers are looking for new ways where there is more space for everyone. The Better World Film Festival offers what artists want and what is needed today more than ever: openness to new perspectives off the overcrowded paths and a focus on the equal value of all voices.”
Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes


Foto: © Alexander Harbaugh