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Young Sunrise

Young Sunrise for pupils and students

For pupils and students there is the »Young Sunrise« with the same criteria as the filmmakers submissions. Especially from the young generation the medium is more and more used for solution approaches and solution messages. This is shown by their many participations in short film festivals all over the world.

Because since Murnau, moving images have lost none of their power for young people either. Why not use them for a better world?

That may sound idealistic and it is. Without the many idealists in the world, the planet would long ago only be inhabitable with gas masks. Idealism comes from ideas. Finding them and bundling them in a festival is the intention of our Better World Filmfestival (BWFF).

Hence the call to filmmakers, film historians and all those interested in film: Present your films, which you think could serve this goal, publicly.

Use the platform of Better World Filmfestival at to show that there is indeed an alternative to today’s media tyranny, which hardly notices your work and certainly does not appreciate it. Because there are wonderful films, only nobody can see them. We want to change that.